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Flexible Online Record Retrieval

Retrieving records for legal proceedings, insurance claims or other purposes can be frustrating, time-consuming and costly. That's why MCS created the most efficient and economical electronic record retrieval system available today.


You may submit your request to MCS utilizing our website at Our online ordering system allows ease of ordering by providing auto-fill features, access to our database of record providers, as well as the library of our custom HIPAA compliant authorization forms. Authorization forms can be completed, scanned, and attached during the ordering process. If a subpoena is required, MCS will prepare it along with all other required legal documents, notify all interested counsel and serve the subpoena. If fees are required, MCS will advance them.


Status of all requests is available online which allows you the ability to view all notes and phone calls regarding your requests. You may search and alter your requests using your file number, claim number, or claimant name. Status updates are communicated electronically which will allow you to respond to your designated MCS Representative via email.


Once the records are obtained, our Quality Control Department will check them thoroughly and provide you with our Quality Guarantee, assuring completeness and accuracy. The records will be delivered on high-quality bond paper along with a signed Certification of Record Provider. In addition, MCS will scan all records to a PDF format and host them in our secure repositiory; where you can review, print or download. You will be notified by email that the records are available to view 24/7.


DirectDep is the section of our site that supports our court reporting service. It allows users to login, schedule depositions, and download them through DirectDocs. Some of the features include:

  • Deposition Scheduling – Clients and Attorneys of Record can quickly schedule upcoming depositions through our online form.
  • Case-based repository – Clients and Attorneys of Record can download all case-related files and share them with others helping them on cases.
  • Upload Notifications – Clients are instantly notified via email when their transcripts are uploaded. A direct link to the transcript is embedded in the email for a streamlined process.
  • Transcript-only repository – Clients can locate and download transcripts quickly in this dedicated area.

Download Brochure

Features and Benefits include:

Access critical documents
and records in seconds

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Easy-to-use, secure
web based system

Supports high-volume record procurement

Powerful, intelligent features
to locate exactly what you need

Share and work on documents with
multiple parties at the same time

Easily update and integrate new
records and information



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